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Recent Projects

Baculovirus Library Services

1. Preparation of cDNA

The tissue specific cDNA was prepared as described in the literature. High quality cDNA will be the one of great staring materials to making a specific baculovirus library. It is under construction and is upcoming soon.

2. Ligation of cDNA and baculovirus DNA

Baculovirus genomic DNA was bio-synthesized in the test tube. It is under construction and is upcoming soon.

3. Transfected into sf9 insect cells

The baculovirus library was prepared in vitro and transfected into sf9 insect cells. The virus titer was very high and estimated higher than the literature reported. It is under construction and is upcoming soon. 

Upcoming Big News

We have combined a couple trechniques and formed a very high titer of baculovirus library. Both new products and custom services are pre-prepared and is upcoming soon. Please don't keep it to yourself and let folks know.

EZ DNA assembly