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is a newly founded biotechnology company located in San Diego, CA. Focusing on innovative research in life sciences, Sheatech has two main missions: 1) develop novel technologies under the Baculovirus Expression System (BEVS) to improve the efficiency of protein expression in BEVS, 2) to provide excellent outstanding services for protein expression in BEVS & protein purification. We are highly experienced in producing large volume protein expression with serum free medium in BEVS and have successfully contracted and worked with laboratories ranging from government and university to pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies. 

In addition, we pay attention on the contemporary biotechnology and recent developments, which also have the impact on R&D of BEVS. Beyond recombinant protein expression for 30 years, there are a lot of publications which have applied to, including bio-insecticides, vaccines development, gene delivery of tissue engineering & cancer treatment etc. Because of BEVS applications, we can predict that  the broad pictures of BEVS in biotechnology and medical fields in the near future. Let's cooperate together and grow together for making great progresses on your research and benefits for human beings and the earth etc.  

Baculovirus Expression System

has been recognized as one of the most versatile and powerful  tool for producing mass quantities of recombinant proteins. We welcome  both short term and long term projects and provide great BEVS Services  depending on our customers’ needs and requirements. Our quotes are  reasonable and competitive. An example is listed under our customer service section as a reference. Without a doubt, customer satisfaction is first  and foremost our top priority. 

Please feel free to contact us for  additional information and a more detailed quote. We are willing to take a look at and undertake any challenge and/or project, which may have been unsuccessfully handled by other companies. We really appreciate your business and are looking forward to making great progresses and strides on your new and current projects. 

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SDS PAGE analysis of infected sf9 cells with two MOI and time points 

 Our scientists at the department of R & D in Sheatech, Inc. have discovered several factors, which  aid in the improvement of protein expression in the Baculovirus  Expression System. Not only can high quality baculovirus virus genome  DNA generate high titer recombinant virus, but the enhancer in  polyhedrin promoter has also provided and has been proven to show an  increase in protein expression for most recombinant proteins. Both mid  log insect cell culture as well as optimization conditions of infection  have been considered to produce successful virus formation and protein  recovery. To aid in protein folding during protein expression in BEVS,  additional help virus is often incorporated. 

 Recently, Sheatech research group has developed a highly quality version of baculovirus DNA, SuperBAC DNA. The SuperBAC DNA, is derived from a wild type AcMNPV genome, contains an ORF 1629 partial deletion which prevents non-recombinant virus from replicating in insect cells. In addition, SuperBAC DNA  provides a positive selection for creating baculoviruses recombinants  in preparation for generating recombinant protein expression in insect  cells. The kit improves on the traditional method for generating  recombinant baculoviruses by eliminating the tedious, time-consuming  steps of plaque purification. The SuperBAC BV DNA kit will contain the SuperBAC DNA, Insect Transfection Reagent, and a positive control plasmid to monitor co-transfection efficiency. For additional information on our recent developments on Baculovirus DNA, please click to do the research for BEVS out line and recent projects etc. 

Restriction enzyme mapping analysis of superBAC baculovirus DNA 

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Upcoming News


These linearized DNA vectors, including baculovirus DNA, Ad virus DNA and plasmid DNA, were generated in SHEATECH. They were under construction and upcoming soon. These products will be combined with EZ DNA assembly to generate the high quality products, beneficial for DNA cloning and making great progresses in your research. Please visit our website and call at (619) 788-8188 for further information. 

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