Gene Expression and Proteomics

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Custom Services


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Clone the gene of interest into the suitable baculovirus transfer vector.

-PCR/restriction enzyme digestion will be used to clone the gene of interest into a baculovirus transfer vector.
-If necessary, the subclone vector will be confirmed using restriction enzyme digestion and DNA sequence.
-The recombinant transfer vector will be prepared for further experimentation.

2 weeks



Generate the recombinant baculovirus for the target gene.

-Transfect the insect cells (sf9 cells) with recombinant transfer vector and baculovirus DNA.
-The recombinant virus will be screened by plaque assay.
-The recombinant virus will be amplified to a 30mL high-titer stock.

3 weeks



Amplification of recombinant baculovirus for titer stock.

-A 250mL high-titer virus stock will be generated from a low-titer stock of a recombinant virus.
-Several rounds of amplification may be required in order to increase the recombinant virus titer stock.

2 weeks



Protein Expression

-One liter of insect cell culture will be generated.
-Cell pellet will be harvested and delivered.

1 week



Protein Purification

-The protein will be purified using affinity column of His-tag and GST-tag recombinant proteins.

1 week





9 weeks


*Please note:
-Purification development is not included and protein yield is variable under the baculovirus vector expression system.
-We offer and provide optimization for protein expression, which is based on M.O.I. and different cell lines. Optimization is optional.
-Price may vary depending on project.